You’re Always Hiring

by Jack Warren, host of the Top Coach podcast

Over the years, I’ll occasionally see a “now hiring” sign and point out to my family that it should more accurately say, “always hiring” — especially at restaurants and such. Frankly, however, most every business is always hiring. Even if they don’t have an active spot to fill, most businesses are always looking for that right person to fill a particular need — either immediately or soon.

Such is the case with your organization, be it a D1 Power 5 baseball program or a high school lacrosse team. Think of it this way — if the top assistant from the best college program in the state stepped down from his position to follow his spouse who was relocating to your city because of her job as a doctor, you’d probably find a way to enlist his help for your team. You may not think that you need or want an additional staffer — especially give that your pay scale is either painfully small or more painfully nothing. You know as well as anyone that you’ve filled positions before and you will continue to fill them. The fact that you don’t actually have a budget or a spot won’t stop you.

Good programs are always on the lookout for good people. Coaches at the Power 5 schools (where they do have a budget) don’t just start looking for assistant coaches when one of their staff takes a new position at a different school. I’d LOVE to see the yellow legal pad, file folder, or virtual notes on the iPhone of any of these coaches. You know they’re always looking at at least ten potential candidates.

There are two takeaways here. One, always be looking for talent. Two, be prepared to sweet talk one of them into helping you out even if you don’t have a position. You are indeed always hiring. Make this an ongoing effort.

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