Work THROUGH your problems

by Jack Warren, Top Coach editor and host

Ponder, ruminate, consider, contemplate, cogitate. All words that describe part of the process of working through your problem, issue, or challenge.

In our current time, it’s far too easy to ask Siri or Google to answer our question or solve our problem. Believe me, I am not a Luddite and consider these technological advances to be mostly positive and extremely useful from a productivity and efficiency standpoint. Frankly, it’s a huge benefit of living in the 21st Century. That said, there is still considerable value in unraveling the knot. The mere process of working through an issue lends itself to really understanding a problem and therefore being able to do it more simply the next time, build upon the process and, even more importantly, explain it to someone else.

You see, thinking through the problem not only gives us an answer, but it helps us to understand the problem.

Back in college, I was having a particularly difficult time in one class. I visited with the instructor and explained that I was having a difficult time getting the answer. It was this instructor who first asked me, “Do you understand the problem?” He went on to explain that there will be a point in the problem solving process itself where the proverbial light will come on. And this will only occur because I worked through the problem — not because I got the answer.

In this age of instant everything, there is a great deal of satisfaction in being able to speak to our phone and immediately have the answer. But please do not underestimate the value of working through a problem to give you true understanding.

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