Using Social Media to Your Advantage

by Jack Warren

On Wednesday evening, about 9:00 pm Central Time — which would make it 8:00 pm Mountain Time — Arizona State University coach Tracy Smith took to Twitter with the following announcement: “Any questions need answered? It’s been a while.” Now coach Smith isn’t a prolific Tweet generator, but coming in at just over 5,000 Tweets in his Twitter career, he’s no lurker either.

But theTracy Smith 2re’s a good reason that while only following 53, he’s got a following that’s almost 13,000. Among college baseball coaches, he’s easily got to be the most creative, witty, and candid Tweet producer. Last night, for instance, he addressed everything from hitting to pitching to fast food to TV shows. I believe he touched on everything except for Star Wars. And he kept this up for close to an hour.

There’s really no reason that Coach Smith needs to reach out to those that think enough of him to follow him on Twitter, but frankly, there’s no good reason not to. Not only was he informative and entertaining, he’s built up some goodwill along the way. And, I’d like to add, a couple of questions were from young coaches. You’ve got to know they appreciate the forum. Kudos to Tracy Smith. Substantially more substantial and entertaining than @KimKardashian and @realDonalTrump. He’s kind of like college baseball’s @SteveMartinToGo. Keep it up, Coach!

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