Top Coach Update: New podcast from Brian Cain

We are super excited(!!!) to announce an addition to the Top Coach Network family of podcasts. Nationally known mental performance coach, speaker, and sports psychologist, Brian Cain, is bringing his Brian Cain Peak Performance Podcast to the Top Coach Network.

You may have heard some of what Brian has done before, but this new version of his podcast has Brian taking his digital recorder with him as he travels the country and talking to the people who are implementing his principles into their lives.

In this short episode,  Brian explains what he hopes to accomplish with this new format. He also talks about some of his upcoming guests, which includes Matt Carpenter, Augie Garrido, Cliff Godwin, Chris Hatcher, Greg Priest, and Mark Scalf.

The Brian Cain Peak Performance Podcast is available at and on iTunes. Please subscribe soon! New episodes will be available every Wednesday.

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