Top Coach to partner in new faith-based coach retreats

We are pleased to announce that Top Coach, in conjunction with Top Coach Conference and Cornbelt Sports, will be partnering with yet-to-be-announced individuals and organizations to present a series of regional faith and values-based coaches’ retreats. The retreats are called Legacy Coach Retreat and will address topics that are important to athletic coaches trying to balance their Christian faith and values with competing demands.

We are early in the planning stages, but the plans call for retreats that will be short in duration (in order to accommodate a coach’s busy lifestyle), intimate (less than 20 attendees), regional (we want to make it as easy to attend as possible) and affordable. We’re aiming for a late spring-early summer 2018 start. These retreats will be led by names that you know.

Details will soon be announced at, but in the meantime, if you’d like to be the first to know of any new announcements or developments, please sign up for the Legacy Coach Retreat email.

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  1. Hi Jack, I wanted to let you know how much I️ enjoy your podcast. You do a fantastic job finding great coaches. Also you are very talented in your interviewing skills. I️ just signed up to receive more info about the Christian based coaches clinics. I️ will be looking forward to that.

    I️ found your podcast a couple of years ago when I️ listened to the Topcoach Softball podcast. Being the father of 3 daughters, I️ prefer SB over BB. Any chance Topcoach SB will be resurrected?
    Thanks for all you do,

    • Hi Rob. Thanks for reaching out. There’s nothing better than hearing from you in the Top Coach community first hand. Although Top Coach Softball will not be resurrected (at least any time soon), you’ll be happy to see what’s coming up on November 27. We’re talking to the legendary Rhonda Revelle of Nebraska! And the good news is — there are more like this coming. Thanks again, Rob, and please stay in touch. Jack

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