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Top Coach Network welcomes Married to the Game Podcast!

Top Coach Network is thrilled to announce an addition to our family. In addition to Top Coach Baseball and the Brian Cain Peak Performance Podcast, we welcome Married to the Game Podcast with Leyla Padalecki. Leyla and her husband Ed live in the great state of Texas where Ed coaches football, baseball, and teaches and Leyla is a middle school art teacher.¬†Leyla will be talking to coaches wives on a weekly basis in a helpful and entertaining format where coaches’ wives are the stars.

In this brief interview, Jack talks with Leyla and Ed about their backgrounds, what led them to podcasting, and the format of the show. Please take a moment to head over to MarriedToTheGame.com and check out the episodes they’ve already produced and be sure to let Leyla know you heard about it on Top Coach!

Get more information about Leyla and Ed at the Married to the Game Facebook page.

You can subscribe to Married to the Game in iTunes here.

Subscribe via your favorite Android app here.

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