Top Coach Meet-Up, Richmond, VA!

by Jack Warren

Well, we’ve finally got the details for our first ever Top Coach Meet-Up in Richmond, Virginia. Although I’ve had and will continue to have plenty of opportunity to meet all of your in the Top Coach community at functions like the ABCA convention and out on the road at baseball events, I’ve really longed for a venue where we could just eat, drink, and talk.

Thanks to our buddy, Rich Prado of, we have been able to finally nail down the place where we’ll meet for our inaugural meet. On Friday August 14, 2015 at 6:00, we’ll commandeer a table or two at Deep Run Road House in Richmond. This is my kind of place and Rich says that he “freakin’ loves this place!” That’s good enough for me! (Plus the fact that they have barbecue on the menu!)

Jack and Rich ABCA 2015 BFor those of you who are not already aware of what’s going on, I will be joining Rich and his group of high school baseball players as they tour many Virginia colleges over the course of four days. Not wanting to waste a great opportunity to meet in person with the folks that I communicate with regularly, we came up with the idea of conducting “meet-ups” — a great chance to talk and eat (two of my favorite activities).

This will be a very informal event. Just show up and meet like-minded individuals from the Top Coach community. You can just order off the Deep Run Roadhouse menu and we’ll stick around for 2-3 hours talking baseball, dogs, grass, and whatever else comes to mind. Hope to see you there!

And did I mention we’ll have door prizes and other give-aways?! Oh yeah!

This will be the first of what I hope to be regular events spread across the country and throughout the year. Stay tuned for details.

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