Thanks for your willingness to participate in an interview for Top Coach Podcast.


It is very easy to schedule and interview on Top Coach. Just follow these simple steps.

Here is a link to my recording schedule. Just follow the directions and you can grab whatever time works best for you. I will receive a notification and you will get a couple of reminders.

Please put the best number to contact you into the schedule form. Skype is best, if you happen to have it. A land line is next best. And a cell phone will do just fine — just make sure you’re in a place with good reception. I will call you at the time you chose on the form.

If the need arises, you can also cancel or reschedule from the link that’ll you’ll receive in the confirmation email.

PLEASE NOTE: Recently, Skype has made a subtle change that has caused some phone calls to be blocked. Skype calls will often now show up on your cell phone’s caller ID as “Unknown Caller”, which some people have blocked. If you could either use a landline or ensure that unknown callers are not blocked on your cell phone, we should be fine.


If you’re unfamiliar with the format of our Top Coach interviews, it is very casual. It is a conversation, as opposed to a typical Q&A. We’ll start off talking about you and your background, moving to your current job, and spend the balance of the time talking about your philosophies, organization and management style, relationships, recruiting, facilities, and career advice. No need to prepare. We’ll pretty much just let the conversation unfold.

Looking forward to it.


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