TC4: Doug Schreiber, Purdue University

From Slicer to Boilermaker — that’s the path that Purdue head coach Doug Schreiber has taken, with many stops in the Hoosier state and one foray into Arizona in between. After starting life as the son of a Slicer, Schreiber went on to make his own name in one of the nation’s legendary high school baseball programs in Laporte, Indiana. Coach Schreiber has experienced a great deal of success in his years at Purdue, including hosting a 2012 NCAA Regional, but his his current quest is to get northern schools on a more level playing field with their Sun Belt counterparts. Hear what he has to say about the initiatives that he and the Big 10 are pushing.

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  1. Great interview, very good points to help northern schools. The fall season would be great for fans. The weather in the fall is perfect for baseball.

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