Get your message in front of the thousands of coaches in the Top Coach community. No need to worry about qualifying your prospects. You know who these folks are.

We’ve got several different ways to help you get your message out. The first and best way in straight into the ears of the Top Coach Podcast audience. Four to eight times a month, the Top Coach message is played directly into the ears of your potential customers.

There are opportunities on the website as well. Hundreds of visitors come to the website each week to either download the podcast directly, read the show notes, read Jack’s latest column, or check out the latest news.

And in one of out latest offerings, you can directly sponsor two of our most popular offerings at Top Coach — the Complete List of Interviews and the Top Coach Guest Map. Hundreds in the Top Coach community check out these two pages each and every month. This is a good way to get started in advertising at Top Coach at a very reasonable rate.

Our community trusts us. History has proven that they’ll take time to click through to your website. That’s where you can present your message to a qualified and motivated audience.

Please contact us today for more information.

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