TC95: Derek Sullivan, Sacramento City College

I just realized as I was recording this episode that this is the third head coach from this school that we’ve interviewed. Not only has Sacramento City College produced some big time college and pro players, but the coaching roster is quite impressive as well. Rob Cooper was a guest in episode 18 and Jerry Weinstein dropped some knowledge on us in episode 43. This time it’s current head coach, Derek Sullivan. Coach Sullivan was a player at Sac City under previous head coach Andy McKay. He then went east to finish his collegiate career at St. Johns under former guest Ed Blankmeyer.

In this episode we get into several topics that are of particular interest to junior college coaches, but are also relevant to coaches and programs at the other levels. Coach Sullivan talks about the work/life balance of coaches who have full time jobs in addition to coaching, fundraising, academics, and the structure of the junior college system in California.

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Photo credit: Sacramento City College
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