TC93: Jayson King, Franklin Pierce

NCAA D2 baseball is often overlooked, but consistently produce a terrific brand of baseball and provide top notch draftees for Major League Baseball. We’ve had several D2 coaches as guests before and it’s always interesting to get their take on just how they fit in the big picture.

In this episode we’re talking to the head coach at Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire, Jayson King. A Massachusetts native, Coach King represents another in the long line of coaches who hail from the Northeast. Quite amazing when you stop to add it up. King likes to credit Clemson coach Jack Leggett as one who kind of greased the path for those following in his footsteps.

We talk a bit about recruiting, staffing, and other standard coaching items, but we also spend some time on Coach King’s stint with the USA 18U National Team in 2014. And find out how a baseball to the eye kickstarted Coach King’s coaching career.

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Photo credit: Franklin Pierce Athletics

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