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TC9: Liam Carroll, Great Britain Lions

The developments in baseball around the world are pretty exciting. Of course, we all see just how strong the game is in the far east and in Central America, but baseball is gaining a foothold in places like Africa and getting some real traction in places where it’s laid a bit dormant, like Europe.

Liam Carroll grew up in England, but was introduced to the game by his American father and while it was tough to find a game on a regular basis, he was good enough to play college baseball in the United States. After a coaching stint at Nevada-Las Vegas, Carroll has taken his passion for the game back to his native land. Hear what’s going on in the land of football (soccer) and the strides that are being made in bringing the game to forefront in the UK.

Here’s an update to our conversation from July 3, 2014.

photo credit: Liam Carroll

Intro Music: Matt’s Blues, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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