TC84: Monte Lee, College of Charleston (part 1)

What’s harder — raising four girls or 35 college baseball players? Well, you’ll find out the answer to that (kind of) and much more from the head coach of the College of Charleston, Monte Lee.

Coach Lee has pretty much spent his entire life in the state of South Carolina, growing up in the Palmetto State and then playing at the College of Charleston. Lee returned to his alma mater from an assistant position with Ray Tanner at the University of South Carolina. Now he’s heading up a program that can look out each practice and game day over the harbor and watch the sailboats of the C of C sailing team.

Particularly interesting in part one of our two part interview, are Coach Lee’s remembrances of college baseball at the College of Charleston and minor league baseball. He also has some great observations about getting into the coaching career.

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Photo credit: College of Charleston Athletics
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