TC81: Terry Rooney, UCF (part 1)

Listen up, young and aspiring coaches! You’re gonna like this one.

We’re talking today to the head coach of the University of Central Florida (or UCF as the packaging goes these days), Terry Rooney. Coach Rooney comes from a background that includes many solid mentors, including former guest Paul Mainieri — both the LSU and Notre Dame versions. Coach Rooney has an extensive resume and that only helps as he’s passing along advice to guys looking for a leg up in the coaching profession.

This episode starts off on the normal route, but quickly takes a turn down a road where we’re exploring many facets of what it takes to move along in the coaching road. This one is loaded with so much good information, you’re going to want to listen to this one two or three times. And we couldn’t contain Coach Rooney’s enthusiasm in a one episode box, so we’ll have him back soon for part two!

Part 2 with Coach Rooney is here.

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  1. Great interview with Coach Rooney from UCF!! Really enjoyed listening to him speak and share his story of how he got to where he is today! He is an inspiration to many young men and players and I as a parent greatly appreciate what he does for his players, his leadership and work ethic he instills both on and off the field!! Thanks for posting for all to listen to! Looking forward to part 2 with him!

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