Top Coach 79: Karl Kuhn, Virginia (part 1)

We’ve closed the circle and completed the UVA Chateau Trilogy in this episode with interview with University of Virginia baseball assistant coach Karl Kuhn. Coach Kuhn is one of the most well respected pitching coaches in the country, having just secured the Pitching Coach of the Year Award from Collegiate Baseball. Just a few years ago, Kuhn was awarded the Tom House Award.

Noted often for his innovative ideas, Kuhn says that nothing has really changed much from his early days in coaching, except that he now has some of the top recruits in the country coming into Charlottesville. A self described “touchy-feely guy”, Kuhn often lays his hands on his pitcher’s shoulders and locks eyes with them as he tries to give some positive reinforcement on mound visits.

Coach Kuhn talks a great deal in this episode about teaching an approach to pitching, as opposed to a focus on mechanics. To paraphrase Coach Kuhn, most of it is in the cookbook, it’s just how you choose to put it together.

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