TC75: Ryan McGinnis, Kimberly (WI) HS

Headed to Packerland today to talk to a coach about baseball. Ryan McGinnis is the head coach of an incredibly successful baseball program at Kimberly High School in Kimberly, Wisconsin. His Papermakers finished second in Wisconsin’s largest class this past spring. Along the way, Coach McGinnis has crossed paths with several of our previous guests, most notably former University of North Florida coach Dusty Rhodes.

It’s tough to run a program in a state with such a harsh climate, but you add in the fact the THE state university no longer fields a baseball team and all of the colleges and universities combined in Wisconsin offer only slightly more than 100 total scholarships, then you’ve got to take a bit of a different angle than coaches in most states. In this episode, Coach McGinnis also gets into the parent-coach-player relationship a bit. Interesting listening for sure.

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