TC74: Chris Bessey, UMaine-Farmington

Today’s guest is really representative of the vast majority of coaches, in that coaching only makes up a small part of what he does. In addition to his head coaching duties at D3 University of Maine-Farmington, Chris Bessey also runs a graphic design business with his brothers, coaches basketball, and referees football. And, oh yeah, he has a family. So Coach Bessey does confirm that you can have somewhat of a “normal life” while coaching college baseball at an NCAA Division 3 school.

And with the appearance of Coach Bessey on this episode of Top Coach, UMaine-Farmington now holds a distinction among the many schools that have been represented. UMF has now surpassed Minnesota State-Mankato as the farthest northern baseball playing school on Top Coach.

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Photo credit: University of Maine-Farmington Athletics

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