TC72: Mark Daniels, Virginia (VA) HS

The city of Bristol straddles two states — Virginia and Tennessee. And it’s the home of NASCAR’s Bristol Motor Speedway. Two high schools call Bristol home. On the Virginia side of the line is Virginia High School — home of a storied baseball tradition and the most recent Virginia class 2A state champion. Our guest today has played on one state champion at Virginia High and has coached two. Mark Daniels is called on to do a lot at Virginia High, including to help coach the football team, so it’s no understatement to say he’s a busy guy.

In this episode of Top Coach, we talk to coach Daniels about fund raising, tradition, expectations, his role in facilitating students who participate in multiple activities, and many other things. Just as in our previous interviews with high school coaches, you’d do well to listen and pick up a few pointers about what it takes to run a successful high school program.

And apologies to our friend, coach Steve Friend, for forgetting the name of his school, Chabot College.

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Photo credit: Virginia High School

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