TC68: Cal Bailey, West Virginia State (part 2)

So much to say, I didn’t let Coach Cal Bailey get away with just one episode. In case you’ve time traveled into this spot from another distant time and place, go here to get episode 67, which is part one of our interview with Coach Bailey.

In part two, we start looking at the coaching profession, what it was like to run the program at West Virginia State University, and some of the philosophical aspects of coaching. And see what Cal would do if he were King of College Baseball for a day.

Photo credit: West Virginia State University Atheltics

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  1. As Cal always said, the game is very simple, “it is either a ball or a srike, you are either safe or out, and you can count on three things in the game, wins, losses and rainouts. And to add to that there is no justice life. The people that work the hardest and prepare the best does not mean you win!

  2. Cal always used baseball to relate to life circumstances. He coached the person not that athlete and understood we were all different. He kept the game in perspective and always let us figure out ways to correct mistakes. He give us options and by this we figured it out what seemed to be for ourselves. Not always did I do everything the right way but from those 4 years I spent at State I find that everything I do, I do it in a way that in some way Cal influenced me. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to continue my education and to play 4 more years. Best experience of my life. Congratulations

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