TC54: Billy Dubois, Lexington Snipes

Road trip! Make that Mother Road trip! We took the short drive up Old Route 66 to Lexington, Illinois to visit with the general manager of the Lexington Snipes, Billy Dubois. Billy is one of those guys that you’d refer to as a baseball lifer. You think you wear a lot of hats in your coaching duties? I believe that Billy probably trumps you. I didn’t ask, but I’m guessing he’s probably slept at the field on occasion.

We’re talking summer collegiate baseball today with a member of the Midwest Collegiate League. And while most of these teams are pretty well financed and have ownership groups and stadiums, the Snipes operate on a shoestring budget with an all volunteer force. But that hasn’t kept them from winning. In the couple of season they’ve been in the league, they’ve always been near the top of the standings. For 90% of the coaches listening, you’ll be very sympathetic to what Billy is doing on a daily basis and no doubt marvel at what he’s gotten done.

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