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Top Coach 44: Brian O’Connor, Virginia (part 1)

I’ve been absolutely amazed at how gracious and accommodating all of the coaches we’ve spoken to have been. The University of Virginia’s Brian O’Connor is no exception. When Coach O’Connor found out we were going long, he agreed to come back for a part 2. So it’s bonus time this week, coaches!

Coach O’Connor has assembled quite a staff at UVA, with former guest Kevin McMullan and pitching coach Karl Kuhn. They’ve been together in Charlottesville for 11 years and have created quite a formidable staff. In this episode, Coach O’Connor echos the advice of previous guests (and his former mentor) Paul Mainieri and Louisville’s Dan McDonnell when he tells assistant coaches to focus on the work they’re doing now and good things will come your way.

O’Connor grew up in the baseball hotbed of Iowa, in what is a suburb of Omaha. With his parents still being season ticket holders to the College World Series, he’s got a double motivation to make it to Omaha.

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photo credit: University of Virginia Athletics

Intro Music: Matt’s Blues, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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