TC43: Jerry Weinstein, Colorado Rockies

Coach Jerry Weinstein is known by a lot of folks as THE GUY for catching. But he’s so much more than that. Penn State’s Rob Cooper considers Coach Weinstein the guy most responsible for giving his his coaching career a cross-country kick in the butt. Coach Weinstein spent 25 years at the junior college powerhouse, Sacramento City College and sent a boat load of players on to four year schools and the professional ranks. Many, many coaches point directly to Coach Weinstein as a guy who has imparted more baseball knowledge than almost anyone else who’s ever taught the game.

Coach Weinstein is known far and wide as the expert on catching. He’s recently released a book on the subject — The Complete Guide to Coaching Catchers — and it’s available many places, including Amazon. Another great resource is Coach Weinstein’s website. Great coaching tips!

Photo credit: Colorado Rockies
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  1. I played for Jerry in 1994. Incredible baseball mind, but a better man!! One of the best in the country.

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