TC37: Blake Beemer, Penn State

Volunteer coaches abound in baseball, but the volunteer coaches at the NCAA D1 level are a bit different. There are a good percentage of these guys who are retired coaches and still have a lot to offer, but don’t really need a paying gig. The largest percentage of D1 volunteer coaches, however, are guys like Penn State’s Blake Beemer, who are trying to get their foot in the coaching door. For these guys, working hours similar to or longer than the head coach is not unusual. But they’ll do whatever they can to pursue the path of their passion. Blake Beemer is one of those guys. Thinking about getting into coaching? You’re not going to want to skip this one.

Blake Beemer can also be heard in episode 404.

photo credit: Penn State Athletics
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  1. Jack, thanks so much for doing all of these. As a former teacher and Graduate Assistant Baseball Coach, I can’t get enough of these! I especially love being able to connect with someone like Coach Beemer who is in their first year coaching, albeit a little differently since he is a volunteer and I’m a GA, but I love learning from others in the game. Thanks!

    • My pleasure! And it’s certainly a motivating factor when I receive responses such as yours. Best of luck!

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