TC30: Ed Blankmeyer, St. John’s

There are people you speak to where passion seems to ooze out of every pore. Ed Blankmeyer is one of those guys. His legacy appears to be set in cement, but that hasn’t left him resting on his laurels. He continues to push the St. John’s program forward as if it was his first coaching gig out of the box. And like previous guests and the other Northeast lifers, Steve Owens and Ed Flaherty, Blamkmeyer embraces the region and everything it entails. In his case, not only does that mean bad weather, but he’s got to compete with the biggest sports and media market in the United States. So as Ed puts it, St. John’s baseball is not second banana in the New York City area, he’s fifth banana. But with a core of loyal supporters and a steady stream of solid ballplayers, the St. John’s program keeps marching forward.

photo credit: St. John’s Athletic Department

Intro Music: Matt’s Blues, Kevin MacLeod (

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