TC183: Quincey Noble, McNair HS (CA)

Quincey Noble has seen and worked in much of the country and has worked at many levels during his coaching journey. All of those experiences have brought him to McNair High School in Stockton, California where it’s obvious that he’s found his real mission in life. Unlike some of our guests who grew up on the edge of nowhere, Coach Noble did indeed grow up in a place that many would call nowhere, adjacent to an Indian reservation in the middle of South Dakota. His upbringing and his desire to help others have made him a perfect match for the area where he now lives, works, and coaches.

In this episode Coach Noble working with young men in a very transient environment, raising funds to send himself to a summer baseball camp in another state, his coaching journey that has brought him to this place, the position of extra-curricular activities as a motivator, and getting things accomplished by setting your mind to the task.

Photo credit: Quincey Noble

Intro Music: Matt’s Blues, Kevin MacLeod (

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