TC175: Monte Brooks, The Master’s College

I refer to these types of schools generically as “specialty schools.” That is, schools that have some kind of unique barrier to entry, other than the varying degrees of academic requirements. We’ve had many of these schools represented in the past on Top Coach — military schools like VMI and other narrow focus schools like Philadelphia’s University of the Sciences. Today we’ve got a school whose potential recruit pool is a bit smaller as students must be of like faith with the Christian teachings of the school.

The Master’s College is a small NAIA school based in southern California. And while this evangelical school would appeal to a smaller subset of baseball players, they’ve not had any problem piling up wins  and establishing a track record of success. Monte Brooks has found a home at The Master’s College for 16 years now and is pleased with the environment for his players, coaches, and his family. In this episode we talk about the home they’ve found in the NAIA, loving your teammates AND your opponents, and the work/life balance.

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