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TC171: Jeremy Sheetinger, ABCA

Jeremy Sheetinger. Remember the name, because if you coach baseball, he’ll probably be talking to you at some point very soon. He was the James Brown of the ABCA convention — the hardest working man in Nashville — and the hard work continues. As the college division liaison for the American Baseball Coaches Association, his job is to find out what you think. That includes surveys, communications, and lots of face-to-face interactions.

Jeremy Sheetinger delivering the goods at Heartland Community College

Jeremy Sheetinger delivering the goods at Heartland Community College

Now based at the ABCA headquarters in North Carolina, Jeremy ventured into my home territory in Central Illinois with his new son, Cooper. We took advantage of his visit and I treated him to a sweet tea and an interview at McDonald’s. But that was only after visiting old friend Mike Stalowy, assistant coach at Illinois State and head coach (and former guest) Bo Durkac. We also visited a rare outdoor January practice of the Heartland Community College baseball team at the Corn Crib where Jeremy gave a rousing (impromptu!) speech to the gathered Hawk players. We also were able to chat for a while with head coach (and former guest) Nate Metzger.

Mike Stalowy, Jeremy Sheetinger, Bo Durkac

Mike Stalowy, Jeremy Sheetinger, Bo Durkac

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