TC169: Harry Hillson, Mansfield University

Pennsylvania, as we’ve documented on this podcast, is filled with baseball playing colleges. As best as we can tell, only California has more. That means we have a lot more interviews to go before we cover ’em all! But today, we’re cutting into that task again as we talk to the winningest head coach in the 150 year history of Mansfield University, Harry Hillson.

Coach Hillson has seen his share of success and has carved out a nice niche for his NCAA D2 program between the nine D1 schools and the more than 50 D3 schools, all the while competing with the other 18 or so D2 schools. He’s found that in addition to the Pennsylvania players that he recruits, he’s also able to mine JUCO players from neighboring states to help fill out his roster.

In this episode, Coach Hillson talks about his recruiting philosophy, the importance of a recruiting network, the benefits of coaching conventions and clinics, the attributes of a good coach, and how having his players work with younger players makes them better players and potential future coaches.

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Photo credit: Emilee Andrews

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