TC167: International Panel, ABCA 2016

Much like the effort to grow soccer in the U.S., there are organizations making a concerted effort to go against the grain all over the world in trying to develop the game of baseball in cultures that have other priorities. Each year there’s a contingent of coaches that make a longer trek to the ABCA convention than most. They’re flying in from place like Australia, England, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, and several countries in Africa in an effort to gain more knowledge about how to teach and promote the game.

While in Nashville for the ABCA convention, our friend, Liam Carroll, guest on Top Coach in both 2013 and 2014, helped to line up some fellow coaches and consultants for a panel discussion on the state of international baseball. Joining us for this round table discussion were Pat Doyle of Play Global, Andy Berglund of MLB International, Tony Klarberg of Sweden Academy, Liam Carroll of Great Britain Baseball, and Glenn Williams of Baseball Australia.


Photo credit: Cornbelt Sports

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