TC166: Jack Leggett

His name is nearly synonymous with winning in NCAA D1 baseball. The legacy he left behind at Clemson is nearly unparalleled. The numbers speak for themselves. But it’s the lives that have been touched by Jack Leggett and the road that he’s paved for coaches, especially those from the Northeast, that will be a hallmark of his legacy.

In this episode, Coach Leggett looks back to what he’s built over the years, beginning at Vermont, going through Western Carolina, and culminating in a dominant Clemson program. Many coaches have cited Coach Leggett as the reason for what they do. He talks about the road that got him into coaching and those that have had an influence on him. After listening to this interview, you’ll see the philosophies that built the foundation. Coach Leggett talks about being versatile, building a coaching network, working hard, being passionate, and being honest. He touches on topics regarding time and space management, working camps, delegation, and leadership.

This is probably our longest episode to date, but you’ll enjoy every minute and every thought from this giant of college baseball.

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