TC165: Rick Eckstein, Kentucky

Rick Eckstein had everything going for him as a golfer — a pretty good one by all accounts, he laid his clubs aside after his sophomore season in high school to focus on baseball. Doesn’t sound like he has any regrets. Although his resume is long — including a stint as a bowling coach — he’s doing exactly what he loves. A winding path that took him through various professional, collegiate, and high school positions, now has landed him at the University of Kentucky.

Eckstein has learned a lot since leaving his promising golf career to chase his coaching dream. He’s got to work with loads of big time players and has been able to fill his head with knowledge and his bag with tools. In this episode he talks about some of the many stops he’s has a long the way, the power of positivity, and his current position as offensive coordinator at the University of Kentucky.

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