TC162: Lane Burroughs, Northwestern State (part 1)

Louisiana is quickly turning into one of our favorite stops on Top Coach. Seems that every coach we speak to there has a quality that’s highly prized here at Top Coach HQ — that is, passion. Today’s guest is no exception. Lane Burroughs is a Mississippi boy, but quickly found a home at Northwestern State — first as an assistant, now in his third year as head coach.

Northwester State is an incubator of high level college coaches, having launched the careers of former guests, Mitch Gaspard and John Cohen, along with Rob Childress, Dave Van Horn, and Jim Wells. Coach Burroughs thinks that coaches at Northwestern State gain an advantage because, like a manager in training at McDonald’s, you have to learn everything that makes up the “business.”

Coach Burroughs is in demand as a clinic and conference speaker and has been lauded by former bosses as an excellent speaker to teams, alumni, and boosters. He thinks that much of his success in this area is because his former head coach, John Cohen, expected his assistants to do some share of speaking. Coach Burroughs believes that he has the ability to feel the pulse of his team and address the proper issues.

In this episode, we touch on the changing landscape of college baseball (for the better!), the level playing field among D1 schools, and the reasons why we coach. We also hit a topic so profound for aspiring coaches that I asked Coach Burroughs to repeat it. Listen closely to the end when he talks about how his current Director of Baseball Operation guy landed his position.

Listen to part 2 with Coach Burroughs in episode 176.

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