TC150: Dave Taylor, Cal State Chico

This week we’re headed back out to the Golden State to talk to the head coach of Cal State Chico (or Chico State as they’re known locally), Dave Taylor. Being a former catcher, we take a little time to pick Coach Taylor’s brain about the catching position. We’re also happy to talk to Coach Taylor about his experiences at the College World Series as both a player (Arizona, D1) and coach (Chico State, D2). Coach Taylor was in a situation previously where the baseball program was shut down, so we get into that topic a bit as well.

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photo credit: Cal State Chico Athletics

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  1. I enjoyed this interview very much… My son Cody was fortunate to play for Coach Taylor the past 3 years at Chico State. The journey to the college World Series is one that we will always cherish!!!
    Good luck to the Chico State Wild Cats this season!!! It’s gonna be extremly hard watching without my guy at short!! Thanks for the memories!!
    Once a cat, always a cat!!!

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