TC129: Mike Rooney, ESPN

Our resident Renaissance Man is back with us today for an end of the season recap and a D1 tournament preview. And, of course, UNIFORMS! Yes, when Mike Rooney is on board, our conversation can go anywhere. However, we’re stretching it at 45 minutes.

We love having Roons as a guest on Top Coach and happy to see that ESPN has been utilizing his witty repartee and smiling face more often and in a wider geographical area this season. His insight into the college game is unparalleled. If you get a game that runs long, you still don’t want to turn the channel.

In this episode, we’re talking uniforms (as usual), travel, a questionable stirrup selection at Maryland, the “M” cap, tournament bubbles, and more. Plus we give a shout out to Roons’ fellow Philly guys (and former Top Coach guests), Joe Ferraro and Kevin Wilson.

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