TC128: Rick Heller, Iowa (part 1)

Here’s a man who doesn’t back down from a challenge. He started college with a wife and child. He played three sports while in college. He took on the Northern Iowa job when he knew the program was on shaky ground, and he embraced the Iowa opportunity when many others thought it was a no-win situation. Yes, Rick Heller likes a challenge. And not only did he get by in these situations, he flourished.

Coach Heller took a Northern Iowa program that was always on the verge of being shut down (and eventually was) and turned them into consistent winners. He moved to Indiana State and kept the Sycamores at or near the top of the Missouri Valley with the likes of Wichita State, Missouri State, Creighton, and Illinois State. And in only his second season in Iowa City, he’s seen his Hawkeyes flirt with a national top ten ranking and an NCAA tournament bid. If you like stories of guys taking on big odds and overcoming, this interview will be right up your alley.

Part 2 of our interview with Coach Heller is here.

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photo credit: University of Iowa Athletics

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