TC127: Keith Guttin, Missouri State

Missouri State University has fielded a baseball team for 52 years. For 38 of those years, Keith Guttin has been affiliated with the program, the past 33 as head coach. He’s had an incredible run and is still going strong.

There is a lot of good information in this episode for young coaches and experienced coaches. Coach Gutting talks about throwing yourslef into coaching as soon as possible, noting that there’s nothing like calling the shots in order to learn the ropes. He talked about coaching Legion ball as a way to learn the important aspects of coaching. He points out the importance of surrounding yourself with quality people in order to enhance your shot at success. He also talks about some of the important aspects of recruiting: Recruiting to recruit (getting good players) and recruiting as a way to make connections that might pay off down the line. Above all, Coach Guttin encourages, act profesionally.

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photo credit: Missouri State University Athletics

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