TC125: Mik Aoki, Notre Dame

You’ll hear some familiar stories in this interview. He’s from Massachusetts. He mowed lawns early on to support his “coaching habit.” He was a catcher (and an infielder). This and more will ring some familiar bells with coaches. It’s always interesting to hear what path a coach took along the way. And Mik Aoki‘s path, like many, many coaches through the years has involved many entries on his resume before he landed at Notre Dame.

In this interview, Coach Aoki talked about how playing multiple positions helped in his development as a coach. We also have an interesting chat about his philosophy on having co-Recruiting Coordinators. Additionally, having been at schools like Columbia and Notre Dame, Coach Aoki has learned a lot about coaching high academic students.

Notre Dame is a proud supporter of the Pete Frates Fund and the Pete Frates Ice Bucket Challenge.

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