TC119: Joe Brown, SUNY Cortland

Want to see an impressive resume? Look no further. As I mention in the interview, this could have been a very long intro. Joe Brown and his program at SUNY Cortland has a very full trophy cabinet up there in New York. Visits to the D3 World Series are such a normal event that they might as well put it on the schedule. And Coach Brown has taken home many different Coach of the Year awards during his 15 year tenure as head coach of the Red Dragons.

In this episode, Coach Brown talks about the significance that coaching summer baseball has played in his development as a coach and how just the responsibility of calling the shots can teach a young coach so much. He also talk about making $1,000 per year for his first five years in collegiate coaching as an assistant at Cortland to former guest Steve Owens.

One topic that makes nearly the whole episode worth listening deals with a subject that almost every coach on every level has to deal with — staffing. As I mentioned to Coach Brown, there is no shortage in most communities of guys who would love to help out with their high school, college, or travel team. However, schedule conflicts make it difficult for many people to do this within the rigorous time demands of most any kind of program. Coach Brown talks about how he manages this aspect of the Cortland program and how he utilizes about ten part-time assistants, most of whom are not on hand a good portion of the time.

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photo credit: SUNY Cortland Athletics

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