TC120: Chuck Schall, Olympia (FL) HS

There’s no doubt that our current guest loves to coach. He coaches in the spring. He coaches in the fall. And he coaches in the summer…in Florida. You’ve got to LOVE coaching and the game of baseball to coach in Florida in the summer. But right at the moment, Chuck Schall is leading one of the top ranked high school programs in the country. The starting lineup of Olympia High School in Orlando, Florida boasts no fewer than five NCAA D1 recruits, including players that will soon be in programs headed by former Top Coach guests, Terry Rooney (UCF), Mark Kingston, (USF), and Kevin O’Sullivan (UF).

In addition to coaching teams most of the year, Coach Schall also speaks at numerous clinics, teaches at camps, and has been overseas, spreading the gospel of our great game. In this episode we talk a bit about a topic which comes up quite a bit on Top Coach — the one-sport athlete. Perhaps nowhere more than Florida (and maybe California) is the one-sport high school more prevalent. Coach Schall talks about the year round emphasis that baseball players in Florida put on their development in the game of baseball.

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Photo credit: George Vavalides

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