TC115: Bo Durkac, Illinois State (part 1)

After two-time Top Coach guest Mark Kingston moved on to the warmer climate of Tampa, Florida, Bo Durkac had a decision to make: Make the trip south with Coach Kingston or stay behind and throw his cap in the ring for the open head coaching position at Illinois State? For Coach Durkac, it was a tension-filled two weeks as he waited to see if he would get the position. The interview wasn’t just a formality, as they brought in a couple of big time assistant coaches who also wanted the position. In the end, Illinois State decided to stick with the known commodity.

Bo Durkac is a great leader, tremendous organizer, and an amazing talent evaluator. He’s hoping that he can continue the five year run of success and relishes the chance to aim for the bar that Mark Kingston set so high in Normal, Illinois.

Note: We ran far longer than I thought in our interview, so I’ve divided this one up into two parts. Please excuse the abrupt ending to part 1. Part 2 is here.

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