TC11: Greg Hughes, Faith Baptist, Brandon, Florida

Faith Baptist Christian School of Brandon, Florida and coach Greg Hughes see baseball as a vehicle to help young people. That is itself in keeping with what most coaches see as their mission or one of their core values. Coach Hughes and FBCS have broadened the scope just a bit, however, by taking in kids from 19 countries, and exposing them to Christian values and baseball.

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  1. As a member of Faith Baptist church I can say the kids who attend our church and school are no different from the kids we all know.They come here with the desire to play sports and find there is something more important than sports.They have been just like my own grand kids ,I have to pickup bats and balls when I mow the fields.They amaze me at how they don’t complain when they walk or run a mile or two to the practice field down the road.I have enjoyed getting to know these kids. The staff at FBCS has done a great job with these kids.

  2. Fantastic phone interview with coach greg hughes! played baseball in H.S with gregorr which was his nickname. the school and the program seem to be an absolute fit for coach greg!!He shows the passion to lead in many ways building character with discipline, worship, unity.This is a great formula for success!! FBCS can only grow with this formula growing children into adults and learning the skills to be productive in society!! the chance FBCS is giving these kids you can’t put on price on!!Be able to go on to the next level in sports or be a leader in what ever direction they choose to go and I know through prayer they will find the right guidance!!Great job coach I really enjoyed the humble interview and feel this is a huge blessing to you as well.Will do what I can to get some sponsorship or donation.

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