TC108: Mike Zandler, Harvard

“Be where your feet are.” “Do the best job where you’re at.” These are just a couple of the admonitions we’re heard from the wise voices that have appeared on top coach. We might add another on the heels of today’s interview with Harvard University‘s Mike Zandler. That is, learn to be content wherever you might be. We’ve had this lesson demonstrated to us often with the likes of Ed Flaherty, Jim Page, and Cal Bailey. Just like Coach Bailey who famously told us, “I get to rake!”, Coach Zandler tells us today that, “I have the opportunity to whistle while I go to work every day.” Such is the life of a content man, feeling that life has treated him pretty fairly.

We talk a lot in today’s episode about everything from facilities to northern baseball to the competitive nature of the Ivy League, but we get to camp out a while in the area of recruiting, which is just plain fascinating when you’re talking about getting into what may be the most desirable of all post-secondary institutions in the U.S.

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Photo credit: Mike Zandler
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