TC107: Mike Gustafson, College Baseball Foundation

Mike Gustafson and some friends had a dream that those people who have made college baseball what it is would be honored in a fashion much as their professional counterparts. Thus was born the College Baseball Foundation and the National College Baseball Hall of Fame. Mike is now the president and CEO.

The foundation has grown to give several annual awards and has been inducting members into the CBHOF since 2006. Big plans are in the works now for a facility in Lubbock, Texas that will act as a permanent home for the CBHOF. Check out the plans, as it looks to be a very cool place.

In this episode, Mike Gustafson talks about how the Foundation and National College Baseball Hall of Fame got it’s start, how they go about selecting new members, the annual awards they give, and future plans for the CBHOF and facilities.


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Photo credit: Mike Gustafson

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