TC106: Joe Ferraro and Kevin Wilson, KWB Radio

Listen to KWB Radio and you’ll find out quickly that it’s all about the approach — the approach to hitting, the approach to pitching, and what we’re here to talk about today, the approach to coaching. Said another way, how well do you understand your role as a teacher? We’ve brought two guys on today who, because of their background in coaching and because they talk to coaches all the time, understand what it takes to be a good teacher.

Kevin Wilson and Joe Ferraro are the hosts of KWB Radio, an incredibly informational and entertaining interview show where each week they talk to players, coaches, scouts, and other folks who are involved in the game of baseball. And while the show is quite compelling because these guys know how to bring out the best in their guests, they also cut right to the chase when it comes to what’s really important in learning, teaching, and playing the game.

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