TC100: Mark Kingston, South Florida

Wow! 100 episodes. How time has flown. To celebrate this milestone, we wanted to bring one of the coaches most instrumental for getting Top Coach off the ground to be a guest.

Mark Kingston was at Illinois State University when Top Coach was being launched. Along with Nate Metzger of Heartland Community College and Billy Dubois of the Lexington Snipes, Coach Kingston helped provide encouragement and direction when it was sorely needed. Having these guys as cheerleaders certainly helped, but being able to bounce ideas off of this group was incredibly valuable.

Coach Kingston has since take his arsenal of management skills and baseball knowledge to warmer climes and is now directing the young men at the University of South Florida. No more indoor practices right up to and through the beginning of the season, but that doesn’t take him off the hook. With the move he’s got expectations that will be ratcheted up just a bit. Of course, his expectations are always high, but as the old saying goes, to whom much is given, much is expected.

In this episode, Coach Kingston talks about expectations, loyalty, recruiting, facilities, staffing, and more. Mark is a true professional and, just as back as it did in episode 3, it will surely be obvious to anyone listening.

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