TC415: Michael Avalon, Pearl River CC

Buckle your seatbelts! You’re going to be taken on a very passionate ride for the next hour. Michael Avalon has got a great thing going at Pearl River Community College in Mississippi. And after listening to this episode of Top Coach, you’ll get a pretty good understanding of why it’s happening. Pearl River is coming off a 2022 NJCAA D2 World Series championship and has a lot of big time schools lining up for their players.

In this episode Coach Avalon discusses Peal River Community College and the town of Poplarville, the 2022 championship run, growing up in Jackson, Mississippi, his (very passionate) basketball coaching/English teaching father, SOAP, lessons from his father, “destiny”, program building, buying into (and selling) a vision, punching the time clock, player development, coach-player meetings, honesty, and culture building.

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Photo credit: Pearl River Community College Athletics
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