TC406: Rob Vaughn, Maryland

The next generation of young coaches give you reason to be hopeful. Rob Vaughn could be the poster child for that optimism. Listen to 15 minutes of this interview with the head coach of the baseball team at the University of Maryland and you’ll quickly see why you can breathe a little easier about the future direction of college baseball and college athletics in general.

In this episode Coach Vaughn talks about the new addition coming soon to the Vaughn family, delegation and empowerment, the University of Maryland, the advantages of being not too far south, growing up in Texas, playing the catching position, Kansas State University playing career, minor league baseball, pro vs. college coaching, entering coaching, the interview process as a two-way street, the opportunity to build at Maryland, recruiting players who are looking for development, red flags (and how to deal with them), inter-staff cross-checking, the rising tide of Big Ten baseball, facilities (current and wish list), investing in baseball, his staff, and book recommendations.

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