TC404: Blake Beemer, Butler

All the way back in episode 37, we featured a young volunteer coach at Penn State University that caught our eye because of his passion for the game and his genuine desire to influence the lives of young people. Eight years later — and a bit older and wiser — Blake Beemer has landed his first head coaching job and is still hard at it. The new Butler University had coach has the chance how to put his unique imprint on a whole new set of young people.

In this episode Coach Beemer talks about what he’s been doing since we last talked (including time spent at his alma mater, Ball State), landing the job at Butler, the job interview process, figuring out how to communicate your ideas, incorporating advice from your mentors, the two-way street of the interview process, hiring staff, reaching out to on-board players, failure as opportunity, recruiting, culture as part of the team make-up, facilities, the Butler campus, and the Big East.

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