TC401: Larry Lee, Cal Poly

Except for four years of college, Larry Lee has called San Luis Obispo home — and what a home! At his “homes”, first at Cuesta College and now at Cal Poly, Coach Lee has amassed over 1,000 wins. We’re all in agreement — he’s livin’ the life!

In this episode, Coach Lee talks about San Luis Obispo, California Polytechnic State College (Cal Poly), famous alums, his father Tom Lee (coach of multiple sports at Cal Poly), Satchel Paige, his college playing days, his coaching path, California baseball, “West Coast” baseball, early days of technology and video, learning vs. memorizing, simplifying the learning process, his son — Minnesota Twins first round selection, Brooks Lee, family, and his staff.

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Photo credit:  Cal Poly University Athletics
Additional photo credit: Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash
Intro Music: Matt’s Blues, Kevin MacLeod (
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